“Haul it all in!” Gathering the Harvest


It’s been another successful garden season at The Common Unity Project. As the rains come in, and frost threatens, we work to gather the bounty that the earth, sun and sky have provided us with this season. A large part of what we’re doing this year is preserving the surplus for winter eating. We started canning early, with rhubarb jam, and currently our winter store of canning contains but is not limited to; diced tomatoes, pasta sauces, tomato soup, salsas, relishes, wild and cultivated berry jams, borscht, sweet and savory pickles, whole fruits, green beans, and salmon!

An interest in our health, and reducing our environmental footprint has us looking for ways of preserving other than canning. Sauerkraut is a must here at TCUP and we’re experimenting with lots of other varieties of lacto-ferments, or “Kraut-Chi”, a word invented by Sandor Elliot Katz to describe the many crosses between Sauerkraut and Kimchi. Our solar dehydrator didn’t get built quite in time to reap the benefits of the summer sun, but we did a lot of drying via conventional dehydrator and gifted use of grid electricity. We also have the advantage of using a neighbor’s root cellar, which we have packed with beets, carrot and cabbage.

We give thanks and gratitude for this abundance that nature has provided to us.


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