2015 Workshop Schedule

Click on the titles below for more information. To register for a workshop, please contact us at thecommonunityproject@gmail.com or call 250-842-8267.

Introduction to The Common Unity Project and Earth Conscious Building Design May 3rd

Find out what The Common Unity Project is all about. Come learn aboearthship designut the principles behind the design of “The Hive”: A communal, off-grid, self sufficient structure that will begin construction by passionate volunteers the day following this workshop.


Cob Oven and Rocket Stove Workshop  May 30th-31st


Come learn about cob, a superb natural building material; it is abundant and cheap, molds to unique shapes, can be a source of insulation or thermal mass, and is relatively easy to learn! Participate in the building of both a cob oven and a rocket stove and gain the skills to go home and build your own!


Permaculture Zone Mapping and Wholistipermaculture lower zonesc Design June 6th-7th

A two-day workshop focused on designing and mapping Zones 1 and 2 with professional permaculture designer and educator, Gordon Hiebert.




Timber Framing 7-Day Intensive Course July 13th-19th timber framing pic

Local builders Garry Rivard and Greg Young will guide you through layout, boring and chiseling mortises, forming tenons, cutting braces, assembling bents, and finally the thrill of raising day! Enjoy real teamwork! The workshop is designed to be accessible, interesting & challenging for both the intermediate and inexperienced wood crafters.

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  1. Hey I saw this post a while back and would like to know if I can join the crew and help build this thing with you guys ! I’ve been interested in earthships for quite some time & would like to spend some time getting to know how it all comes together . 7802990385


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