Timber Frame Madness

DSC00070Unbelievable as it seems, we finally finished the tire wall on the 10th row…only to find out that we’d gone too high and had to undo a whole course of tires – a bit of an anticlimax! Still, we got over it pretty quickly once we realized we wouldnDSC00080‘t have to pound tires anymore and would be moving on to other jobs – and with a timber framing workshop and a truckload of concrete all happening in the same week there has been plenty to do. We’ve dug holes, built forms, cut, bent and tied what seems like miles of rebar, as well as put our new cobbing skills to good use to fill in gaps between the tires.

Summer seems to have arrived in the garden all of a sudden, and we’re gorging ourselves on berries from the garden and the wild every day.


We extracted a bucket of honey from the hives, and we’re definitely enjoying all the bees hard work! It’s been hot and sunny for weeks and there’s nothing bDSC00075etter at the end of a dusty work day than an ice-cold swim in the creek, followed by pizza cooked in the cob oven and an evening with friends playing music by the fire.


DSC00101This week is the timber frame workshop, so we’ve got a dozen extra people in camp and power tools running all day. Some beautiful pieces of wood for The Hive are emerging already.


After weeks of sun, it started raining on Monday and hasn’t really stopped, which has put a bit of a dampener on our concrete-pouring plans. We’re ready and raring to go, so now it’s just a waiting game…oh well, we might as well put our feet up and watch an epic sunset or two while we wait.DSC00054

Timber for root cellar with their pins


Entryway to the root cellar!


Bending rebar
Hot day in the kitchen!

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