Oops, we’re a little late to be writing about Spring, it’s almost summer here now. We got chickens again, tilled up some new land for potatoes and garden beds in front of the earthship, built an herb spiral, did some major clean up around the property, went mushroom picking, and built a sauna. Community members are very satisfied with the sauna. No better way to relax after a hard day than to meditate and trash talk in the sauna and then jump in the pond.

WP_20160506_048 WP_20160506_017 WP_20160506_007

Today we officially moved back into the outdoor kitchen. Apart from the old, smoky, and somewhat jankety wood stove, it looks great.

Planting willWP_20160524_014 continue in the next weeks as we try to fulfill a lot of our food needs with foraged and grown food.



We are gearingWP_20160506_067 up for our volunteer camp in June and July to continue work on the earthship. Chris has done some nice work on the siding and now that we have all moved back outside, the earthship construction will begin again. Still looking for volunteers if you are interested! We have a lot of cob to do, framing for the house, pentagon, and root cellar, and the floor to lay. Below is an invite to the camp.


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