No LNG Video

We started collecting tires in 2013 for our Earthship project, and instead of just having them sit around waiting to become a wall, we decided to put them to work. Check out T.C.U.P.'s first video!

The HIVE: A Hybridized Earthship Design

T.C.U.P. has began the design phase of the new community building! This building will be a hybrid Earthship, built from natural and recycled materials, and designed to maximize the efficiency of thermal mass insulation and passive solar. Construction begins 2015 and will be conducted in series of stages. The building will house community members and be... Continue Reading →

The Allegory of the Long Spoon

Here at TCUP we believe WE ARE BETTER OFF TOGETHER THAN WE ARE APART. Based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing, “the allegory of the long spoons” teaches us that when we struggle to feed only ourselves, everyone goes hungry. But when we focus on our neighbor’s hunger, we discover there are ways... Continue Reading →

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