Intro to The Common Unity Project and Earth Conscious Building Design

Intro to The Common Unity Project & Earth Conscious Building Design:

May 3rd, 12 – 4pm, by donation, potluck lunch

Find out what The Common Unity Project is all about. Come learn about the principles behind the design of “The Hive”: A communal, off-grid, self sufficient structure that will begin construction by passionate volunteers the day following this workshop.

Towers-bottle-December-smallearthship design

Topics include:

An intro to The Common Unity Project, Earthship 101, Sustainable building principles, Ecological building technologies; including passive and active solar, geothermal heating and cooling, natural and recycled building materials, timber framing, and rainwater collection. Speakers include sustainable builder and ecological designer Beau Dunavant, and TCUP’s earth conscious builder Chris Timms. Following this 1 day intro participants are invited to gain hands-on experience while working in a group environment on a hybrid Earthship in Northern BC!

Beau Dunavant has been working with several companies and nonprofits throughout the U.S. and abroad with heavy emphasis on natural building practices, ecological design and market transformation. Beau has attended the Sustainable Design program at Yestermorrow School of Design and received his Permbeauaculture Design Certification through MidWest Permacultuture. In addition to collegiate studies, he has a deep interest in understanding ecologies and the social structures within them. Beau is continuously working on several certifications to better apply ecological building design and construction practices within the current built environment.

“I believe that our cities, our homes, and our species should be operating in concert with the natural systems and patterns that bless us on this planet… and through this we will embark on a regenerative and restorative path that will honor generations to come”. –Beau Dunavant


Chris Timms is one of the founders of The Common Unity Project. He is a Jack of all trades, Master of none. Since a young age Chris has had a passion for building and fixing things. His interest now lies in creating thriving living environments that are designed to use resources efficiently and harmonize with the natural world. Chris has been working intensively on the design and preparation of TCUP’s communal building since the project began 3 years ago. Combining traditional carpentry, natural and alternative building methods, and arcadian  decor, The Hive is a conglomerate of eco-design and natural aesthetics designed to fit a meager budget and turn societies waste back into a valuable resource.

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