Permaculture Mapping and Design Workshop

Permaculture Mapping and Design: June 5th 6:00pm-8:00pm, June 6th-7th 9:00am-5:00pm, $190-$250 (sliding scale*), 3 meals/day for June 6th & 7th

 *payment on the scale is determined by your own assessment of your ability to pay

A three-day workshop focused on designing Zones 1 and 2 with professional Permaculture Designer and Educator, Gordon Hiebert.permaculture lower zones

Rough Schedule – subject to change

Day 1:

Intro to Permaculture Principles – 2.0 hrs

Day 2: 

Morning: Holistic Goal Planning (property visioning) – 2.0 hrs

Review Zones/Sectors Assessment Tools and Zone 1 & 2 Strategies – 1.0 hr

Afternoon: Site Review/Onsite Assessment – 1.5 hrs

Mapping and Data Overlay for creating Base Maps – 1.5 hrs

Evening: Idea Extraction and Elements in the design – 1.0 hr

Day 3:

Morning: Needs and Yields for Elements in Design – 1.0 hr

Designing Zone 1 – 1.0 hr

Designing Zone 2 – 1.0 hr

Afternoon: Design Presentations – 1.0 hr

Moving Forward : Budgeting, Materials and Implementation – 2.0 hrs

Gord Hiebert was introduced to Permaculture while working for an Energy Efficient Housing gordonResearch and Development Company in 2008 via a mechanical engineer Rob Avis (now Verge Permaculture). He took an Introduction to Permaculture course in Calgary, AB, Canada in 2009 and was “terminal”. He travelled to Costa Rica, New Zealand and Australia in 2009-2010 to learn more about sustainable living and take his PDC with his partner Jana at the Permaculture Research Institute Australia with Geoff Lawton in April 2010. Since then he and Jana have started an Ecological Design company Element Eco-Design, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. They design edible landscapes and teach Permaculture principles to anyone interested.


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