Timber Framing Course

Timber Framing Course: July 13th-19th, $890 – includes 3 meals/day for 7 days and on-site, rustic camping.
Reduced to $820 – if you register before April 30th
Skilled instructors will teach you how to accurately lay out and execute timberframe joinery, making them not only functional but also beautiful. Working as a team we will build up individual and collective confitimber framing picdence. We expect that as a result the participants will feel empowered to engage on a timber frame project of their own. Most importantly we aim to share a systematic and comprehensive method. The frame will be joyfully raised on site as part of the main structural components of an off-grid hybridized Earthship.
When all the pieces come together, the joints fit and the frame is up due the combined efforts of the raising crew, there´s an indescribable feeling of reward and pure joy. One must experience it to understand it!
Local builders Garry Rivard and Greg Young will guide you through layout, boring and chiseling mortises, forming tenons, cutting braces, assembling bents, and finally the thrill of raising day! Enjoy real teamwork! The workshop is designed to be accessible, interesting & challenging for both the intermediate and inexperienced wood crafters.
Limited room, so early registration is encouraged.
Garry Rivardimage
Garry is an experienced builder with a passion for timber framing, log building and working with natural materials. His hands on experience spans 12 years of unique and diverse building projects with large and small companies throughout the province. He strives for precision and efficiency in his work. Never one to stop learning, Garry believes that we all have something to learn from each other. He encourages everyone to do there best and does so with a sense of humour and respect.
image (1)Greg Young
Greg is a log builder currently living in Quick B.C. in the Bulkley Valley and has been building log homes for nine years. After apprenticing, he worked throughout the North Okanagan Valley, an area renowned world wide for its log building, hand crafting custom homes domestically and for export to the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Since moving to the Bulkley Valley in  2012 he has continued to build renovate and restore log homes.
TImber Frame Course

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  1. Hello

    Researching and came upon your site. Are there any timber framing courses planned in the coming year? I am not in the trades but interested in learning the framing process to build projects for myself.


    1. Hi Hal,
      We don’t have any plans for another timber framing course as of now. However it is good to know that there is interest. If the opportunity comes along for another course we will post it on our website and facebook.


    1. Hi John,
      We don’t have any plans for this summer but we might plan a course for 2022 as we got a few comments asking for it.
      We will post an update on our website and Facebook page should that happen.


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