Volunteer/Work Trade

Are you interested in working on a hybrid earthship building?

Does camping out with a beautiful mountain view excite you?

Can you dedicate yourself to be a conscience and clear communicator?

Do you want to experience the wild beauty of Northern British Columbia?

Come join us for a work trade! As a community, we are a compilation of many hands, and we welcome hands from all walks of life to join us.

We expect a minimum of 5 hours of work a day, 6 days a week from our worktraders, and it’s likely that if you fully engage yourself in what we have going on, you’ll be doing more without even realizing it. Work will mainly be helping us build a hybrid earthship, but will also range from garden building, growing and storing food, wild harvesting, working with firewood, resource gathering, trail building, to any other number of things. We like to have fun and work hard, so you’ll want to ask yourself if you’re up for the challenge and can gain satisfaction through long days and physical labor. Our lives can sometimes be hectic and there will be days you’ll be in charge of motivating and supervising yourself. We like people who take initiative and are just as excited about seeing new possibilities as we are. For people staying with us over a month and who are inspired to do so, we encourage they take on a part-time project of their own, as long as it contributes to the community as a whole.

You’ll be living outside, sleeping in a tent, cooking in an outdoor kitchen, and working outdoors. You will not have regular access to a conventional shower, toilet, or laundry machine. We often eat our meals together but there are times, due to circumstances, that we all fend for ourselves. You’ll be provided with basic staples and produce. If you’re not comfortable cooking with a wood cook stove, ask one of us and we’ll show you.

We like to have people over for campfires, go for walks down to the river, and get out for activities in the community.

The nearest train station (Via Rail) and bus station (Greyhound) is in New Hazelton and we should be able to pick up volunteers if arrangements are made ahead of time. There is also an airport in the nearby cities of Terrace and Smithers. If you are interested in volunteering with us, shoot us an email: thecommonunityproject@gmail.com and below is a link to our volunteer form.



12 thoughts on “Volunteer/Work Trade

  1. we are starting a build in northern alberta about the same time as you but we will gladly send our overflow of people in your direction, we luv your site and happy building and planting
    chris boudreault
    solartrees farms


  2. would there be room for me to park my converted school bus? I will have a full solar system for power, im already living in the bus and have installed 75 galon water tanks, cooking facility, fridge and sinks, shower and wood burning stove.. would love to come share my skills and learn a lot! could try and pick other people up as well on my way through..


  3. Ok, this is awesome! I just came back from an Earthship build in South America and have been looking for a Canada-based project to jump into! 🙂 I’m interested in work trade. More info?


  4. Hi, I am an Algerian, I really love the concept behind your project and I would like to participate. how can I join ? I am a bilangual. I know English, French and Arabic. I love nature, organic food and animals 🙂


  5. I live in Washington State and am interested in getting involved. I am in desperate need for a change in my life. I want to join something like this to get started to start living a higher way of life. Please feel free to contact me with details to get started.


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